Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch

It doesn’t matter if Sasquatch (Bigfoot) exists or not. People still think they are seeing something. The oral accounts and folklore around this topic makes for a rich historical topic to study. Assuming Bigfoot is never found, will not historians still be examining the accounts of people who though they saw one centuries from now? The Washington State Historical Society has a new exhibit up titled Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch.

From the site:

Explore the Sasquatch mystery, set in the Pacific Northwest region said to be home to these ape-like creatures. The exhibit examines how scientists attempt to explain and investigate the Sasquatch phenomenon. It also looks at hoaxes and popular cultural interpretations of Bigfoot. A look at tribal legends and masks provide yet another insight into this elusive being.

This exploration of Sasquatch stories looks at the Pacific Northwest environment, which provides a rich setting for the folklore surrounding these unexplained creatures.

Physical evidence collected by anthropologist and famed Bigfoot researcher, Dr. Grover Krantz, and Discovery Channel expert and professor Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University, are on display.