Emma of Normandy, Queen of England

One of most strong women of History …

The Freelance History Writer

While on tour in England in 2008, our British tour guide mentioned “We don’t do much medieval here”. My husband and I were standing in Salisbury Cathedral later in the day and I was thinking to myself, why not? That lovely spire that was the highest in Europe for many years was built in 1358 and it’s still standing! This got my imagination going and when I returned to the States, I began studying medieval British history with a vengeance.

The period of British history from the exodus of the Romans until the Norman Conquest has always been shadowy and mist filled for me. My first thoughts were of Alfred, the only English king to be called “The Great” (871-899). In reading about the successors of Alfred, I came across a Queen, Emma, who really intrigued me. It was because of her, the course of English history was sent into…

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