Saturnalia Countdown ~ Dying as a Druid

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The Dai and Julia Mysteries have a Saturnalia surprise for you this year and we are counting down to it by offering a free novella every day from now until Saturnalia begins on 17 December. Saturnalia Optima! In a modern day Britain where the Roman Empire never left, Dai…

C++ OpenGL MFC Projects.

The control flow-chart of the standard OpenGL application with the steps numerated as per items of the sections accordingly. 4.1. Create GL Window The procedure CreateGLwindow is common to all the lessons and located in GLRoutine.cpp file in the common GlobUse directory. The procedure CreateGLWindow to be called by virtual procedure OnCreate: Hide   CopyContinuar lendo “C++ OpenGL MFC Projects.”

Deep Learning with TensorFlow in Python

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The following problems appeared in the first few assignments in the Udacity course Deep Learning (by Google). The descriptions of the problems are taken from the assignments. Classifying the letters with notMNIST dataset Let’s first learn about simple data curation practices, and familiarize ourselves with some of the data that are…

Deep Learning & Art: Neural Style Transfer – An Implementation with Tensorflow (using Transfer Learning with a Pre-trained VGG-19 Network) in Python

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? This problem appeared as an assignment in the online coursera course Convolution Neural Networks by Prof Andrew Ng, (  The description of the problem is taken straightway from the assignment. Neural Style Transfer algorithm was created by Gatys et al. (2015) , the paper can be found here . In…