Chapter 2 – Bjarni Herjólfsson seeks Greenland.

Herjulfur was Bardarson Herjulfsson. He was the cousin of Ingolfur the settler. Herjúlfi gave Ingólfur land between Vogur and Reykjanes. Herjulfur first lived on Drepstok. Thorgerd was his wife’s name, but Bjarni their son, and was the most promising man. He was already missing at a young age. He became good both to his wealth and to his dignity, and was in his winter, either outside the country or with his father. Soon Bjarni owned a ship. And last winter, when he was in Norway, Herjulf went to Greenland’s journey with Eric and drew his estate. With Herjulfi there was a ship from the South, a Christian, who wrote Hafgerðingadráp. There is this schema in:

I pray for monks to try
unrepentant go straight,
heathland holds high folds
leans the lord over me a ledge.
Herjulfur lived at Herjulfsnes. He was the most noble man.

Eric the Red lived in Brattahlid. He was there with the greatest respect and all of them lent to him. These were Eirik’s children: Leifur, Thorvaldur and Thorsteinn, but Freydis was his daughter. She was married to a man whose name was Thorvard, and they lived in Gardar where now there is a bishop. She was a great respondent, but Thorvard was a small man. She was very wealthy.

Heathen were people in Greenland for that time.

That same summer, Bjarni came to his ship Eyr when his father had sailed away in the spring. Bjarni said these tidings were great and did not want to carry off her ship. Then his head asked what he was doing, but he replied that he was going to keep his custom and accept his father’s winter “and I will keep the ship to Greenland if you want to accompany me”

Everyone said his advice would follow.

Then Bjarni said: “Unwise will our journey be considered as our meadow has come to the Greenland Sea.”

But they are still in the ocean when they were ready and sailed three days until the land was hydrated, but then took off the burden and laid on the Nordic and nebula, and they did not know where to go and divided it many daughters. they saw the sun, and were allowed to divide the directions, and now they sailed and sailed well before they saw land, and talked about what this land was, but Bjarni said he would not see Greenland.

They ask if he wants to sail to this country or not.

“It is my advice to sail close to the land.”

And then they did, and soon they saw that the land was uncrowded and wooded, and small hills in the land, and left the land behind, and let them look at land.

Then they sailed two days before they saw land another.

They ask if Bjarni still intended Greenland.

He said he would not think of this Greenland as the first “because glaciers are very much said in Greenland”

They soon approached this land and saw it as a smooth land and wood. Then they took off their bid. Then the suspects talked that they thought it would take that land, but Bjarni didn’t want it. They thought they needed both water and water.

“Because of that, you are rude,” says Bjarni, but he received some reproach from his head.

He then bade the winding sail and then made and set the front row off the land and sailed into the ocean expedition three days and then saw the land third. But that land was high and mountainous and glacier.

They ask them if Bjarni wanted a land there, but he said he did not want it “because I think this land is uncomfortable.”

Now they did not lay their sails, hold the land, and see that it was an island; But the weather grew in hand, and Bjarni asked them to take away, and not sail more than both of them did well for their ship and rode, now sailed four days.

Then they saw the land the fourth. Then they asked Bjarni whether he meant this to be Greenland or not.

Bjarni replied: “This is like what I am told about Greenland, and here we will land.”