2013 My Photo-Blog Adventure

Publicado originalmente em Ed Mooney Photography:
I can’t believe it’s almost the end of another year. Every year Word Press compile an annual report on how your blog performed throughout the year. Full of stats, facts and figures, it provides an interesting insight into what has been accomplished over the previous twelve months. You  can…

Interactive Ruins Map

Due to the sheer size of my previous Ruins Map I have had to separate the sites I explore by County. These will continue to be updated on a weekly basis, and as always are accurate to Google Street… Source: Interactive Ruins Map

Gallán Bhaile Phúinse

A short distance up the road from the Standing stone at Craddockstown we find what is possibly the tallest Standing stone in the country. It is definitely the tallest I have come across to date. I … Source: Gallán Bhaile Phúinse